Q : I have done Norton Setup through Norton setup product key, Am i protected from Wanna cry or Petya ransomware?

Ans. Ransom ware Wanna cry has attacked Millions of customers in May 2017

Many companies and home users all over the world got affected through this attack. Let us first tell you something about ransomware:

There are near about 14 different types of ransomware, starting with:

Crypto Locker, Wanacry, Petya, ZCryptor, Cerber, Crysis, CryptoWAll, CTB-Locker, Jigsaw, KeRanger, Lechiffre, Locky, TelsaCrypt, TorrentLocker.

Some attack on different software’s, some attack whole computer and files.

There exact work is to LOCK your files and computer that you cannot access them and it will show you a number to call Hackers.

who will go ahead and give you a key to unblock your device for which they will charge you like thousands of dollars in Bitcoins.

In may 2017 one of the biggest cyber attack happen

Where more than 300,000 computer systems were effected all over the world.

Good news is that your Norton Setup will provide you security from all kind of Ransomware attacks and you cannot become a victim of ransomware if you Activate Norton you don’t have to worry at all.

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