Norton Error “8504, 104”

If you face this Norton Error 8504, 104 on your Norton Console you don’t have to worry at all, this can only be caused because we already have another product Installed on our device like any other security software which is blocking our Norton Security product or might be a new version of Norton is available online which we have to download or we have to upgrade on it. Its just some simple procedures available which we have to follow and nothing to worry about on it.

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Let’s follow the right procedure to fix Norton Error 8504, 104:

Step: 1•

We have to install “Norton Removal Tool” on our device which will help us to remove our Norton product which is giving Error 8504, 104 and we can install a new upgraded version.

• Here is the procedure how to download Norton Removal Tool.

1. Download the Norton Removal Tool directly from any search engine like Google or

2. The file will automatically will get saved on your computer desktop or sometimes if it doesn’t get saved we have to go to Downloads box and open the file.

3. If you can’t find download box then just Press Ctrl+J.

Download box and the file automatically appear in front of you.

4. The file will appear by the name of NRnR.

5. Double click on the file and open it also you have to agree on the Terms to get it open and working.

6. After that you will find an option by the name of ADVANCED. Click on that.

7. As we click on it there would be an option which says REMOVE. Again we have to click on it and remove the particular old Version.

8. Once its removed we have to Restart the computer and when the device will be on we have to follow proper procedure to Re-Install product again. Automatically Norton Error 8504, 104 will be removed.

Step: 2•

Second Step is to go ahead and remove any other Security software other than Norton to remove Norton Error 8504, 104.

1. Here we will follow the steps how to remove any other security software other than Norton product to remove Error 8504, 104.

2. First we have to click on windows key at the left bottom corner of the computer screen.

3. Over there we have to type Control Panel and click Enter.

4. Control Panel will open in front of us, we have to find a topic which says Programs and under that either we will get a sub topic saying “Uninstall a Program” or “Program and Features”.

Click on that.

5. Now we will get a list of all programs there on our device, select the security software which we have to Un-Install.

Now at the bottom or at the top (Acc. To the windows version you are using) we will find a button name “Uninstall Program”.

Please Tap on it and remove the particular software.

6. After this a simple step we have to follow is to restart our device.
We just have to follow this procedure and you will Notice that the Norton Error 8504, 104 issue will be completely resolved. You will not find the particular error again.

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