Norton Product FAQs

Question No-1. I have purchased new Norton security from Wall-Mart but just received a card to activate and no CD. Do they not come with CD’s now?


Answer. Yes, that’s true Norton do not come with a Disc/CD now, that was in old times like couple of years ago when Norton use to give CD’s for activation but it has stopped now. The card which you have received has the product key only. You have to open to activate it by just putting product key then you can directly download it, no need of Disc’s now. The procedure has gone easier now as compare to before.


Question No-2. I have purchased a new key but when I put it and try to use it says Invalid Product Key. What shall i do?


Answer. Here we have to make sure that how we put the product key, as we have to be very careful while putting all alphabets and numbers. First, we don’t have to put any space anywhere while putting the key. Second, we have to be very careful while using alphabets like L,O which look similar as I or 0. do not get confused in these alphabets and numbers which look alike. Maximum customers make this mistake that is the reason product key goes invalid. Please be calm and careful while typing and activating Norton. If still face any issue please call us on 1-844-922-7448.


Question No-3. I have purchased Norton product online but I have not received the product key or any other information on my email or mail at my home. What shall i do?

Answer.  Normally, when any customer purchase Norton product online they always receive Email confirmation and product key on it. Its like a normal procedure which happens every time but still after purchasing if you have not received any email or confirmation there can be some resend behind that.

* Firstly, possibly you have not typed your email correctly at the time of purchasing it online, if we do so then we never receive the confirmation or product key.

* Secondly, Its also possible that the mail has ended in your Junk folder or any other folder of your email, so you should check there.

* Thirdly, you have to make sure of this thing that you have purchased the right product as there are many misleading websites online.

How we can resolve this?

We just have to say here that you do not have to worry and leave all your problems on us. We are just a call away 1-844-922-7448, please call us as you receive any issue like this our technicians will help you right away and fix the problem.