Norton Setup

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Norton Setup

How To Do Norton Setup Procedure Step By Step Guide:

Norton Setup will show you step by step procedure, how to do Norton Setup or Norton com setup with product key:

Symantec is developer for all Norton products

It handles all the working of Norton Antivirus and its products. Norton Security comes in three different editions which are Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe and Norton Security Premium.

Norton Security Standard: For 1 Device only (Laptop or Desktop or Phone or Tablets)

Security Deluxe: For 5 Devices (Laptop or Desktop or Phone or Tablets)

Security Premium:  For 10 Devices (Laptop or Desktop or Phone or Tablets)

Now we will share all the information of Norton Setup


Refer www Norton com setup / Call 1-844-922-7448

Second Step is to do Norton Antivirus through www norton com setup or norton  product key:

  • Click on this URL
  • New Page will open in front of you which says Norton Setup or Norton com setup.
  • On the right top corner you will see the option to click on Activate Your Norton.
  • Please click on this link to activate it if you have a Norton setup product key which you must be having handy with you.
  • Now Please put your Name, Phone Number and 25 Alpha/Numeric Key.
  • Norton setup product key on the box given below and click on Submit.
  • As you click on submit, Norton Setup will start downloading on your device automatically, it will show you on your laptop/computer (Main Desktop Screen as an Icon)

Option 2

  •  In the downloads folder by the name of Norton com or Norton com setup.
  • Then double click on that particular icon of Norton com or Norton com setup and then installation will automatically start, Let it complete 100% now.
  • Once the Installation is completed, Norton com setup page or Main Norton screen will come in front of you.
  • At the left bottom corner you will see 30 Days remaining, it means Norton Setup trial version is downloaded on your device for 30 days.
  • Now where it’s written 30 Days remaining
  • Next to that you will see a button which says “Renew Your Subscription”. Please click on that.
  • Now a new page will open which will give you an option to login on your Norton Setup Account.
  • You have to login in your existing account of Norton com if you do not have an account you have to create one.
  • Existing account holders just put their Email Id and password and can login
  • To create new account you will get an option to click on Create New Account on Norton Setup Page.
  • Click on this button and put you details like Email Id, Name, Password etc
  • Your new account is ready to use.

    Forget Password

  • If you forget the password than you will also see a button at the bottom says “Forget Password” please click on that and follow procedure.
  • After logging in Norton com setup page will give you an option to click on
  • I Have a Norton Setup Product Key”. Please click on that button.
  • Now Norton com setup  page will give you a new box where you have to put your Norton Setup Product Key again, after entering Norton Setup Product Key click on submit again, you are about to complete.
  • A new box will open in front of you which is the main Norton Security screen, at the bottom of that you can check now it’s showing 366 days remaining. This is the confirmation that your Norton setup product Key is Installed and Activated.

Uninstall Process

If you need more information to how to uninstall previous version of Norton or any other antivirus you can follow 2 steps :-

  1. In first step you can uninstall it through your computer add/remove program and uninstall it

Make sure to restart your computer after removing it .

2. Previous security software can be removed by using Norton removal tool.

With the help of this tool you can not only remove previous version of Norton but also any other antivirus that may can conflict while installing it .

Also it will start installing your Norton after removing the previous one and restarting the computer.

Norton Tool Bar

Once the installation of your Norton product is completed.

We recommend not to forget to add Norton tool bar on all your browsers like chrome , Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, Microsoft edge .

Extension that will you can install on your browsers are:-

  1. Norton Safe Search Extension
  2. Home Page Extension
  3. Norton Security Toolbar
  4. Identity Safe

Customers can also avail auto renewal option through Norton com setup

where customers can enjoy our hassle free services without installing and activation there Norton again and again

  1. All you need to do is just login to your Norton account with your email and password
  2. You Can go to setting page and slide the option of auto renewal

You can opt-out these services any time by following the same steps.

To avoid any type of cyber threat , we recommend our customers to install Norton 360 for complete security of your device .

Norton 360 protects our customer , Operating system, customer network security, customer all browsers .

One Security For All Purpose of Cyber Threats .


Enjoy our 100% secured services on all your devices .

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